elena & khabu duo

Here’s a new video made for the recent Ukulele Cabaret’s Quinceanera:

The Duo of Elena (voice) and Khabu (baritone guitar, ukulele, cavaquinho) explores original compositions along with jazz standards, Brasilian and Italian songs. Their originals, composed specifically for this instrumentation, delves into quirky lyrics written in the Italian and English languages, odd time signatures, extended and 12-tone-esque harmonies, and soaring instrumental melodies. Thelonious Monk, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Carlo Alberto Rossi are among the favorite composers whose music provides a platform for wide interpretation and improvisation. The wide range differences between Khabu’s baritone guitar, ukulele, and cavaquinho combine with Elena’s voice to accentuate a colorful palette of musical timbres and textures that inspire endless pathways of improvisational expression.

Since their meeting in May 2009, Elena & Khabu have been composing and performing as a duo around New York City, New England, Texas, Maine and Italy. Additionally, they have been giving workshops in open and jazz improvisation, for vocalists, guitarists, and other instrumentalists.

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