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I’m currently offering private and group instruction for guitar, ukulele, and electric bass, as well as improvisation, composition, and music theory.

I live in Boulder, CO and teach from a home studio.

I love exploring music, improvisation, and the specific technicalities of the guitar (and it’s brethren) with others interested to expand their enjoyment of their musical horizons. I enjoy working with all levels, ages, and styles.

email: khabu@khabu.net

call: 917 623 3208

3 thoughts on “lessons available”

  1. Hi,

    I got a Uke about 4 months ago and am looking for a teacher. 🙂 Ben Mealer suggested that I contact you. How should I go about taking lessons from you? Thank you!!


  2. Will you be having a new jazz ukelele class starting in January 2013? for beginners?
    I’ve played piano and know theory, sing for many years, i.e. more than ten yrs music education, playing piano and singing 30 yrs. Started teaching myself the ukelele a few months ago, want to learn to play standards so I can sing with uke.

    1. hi ellen –

      thank you for asking. yes, i’ll be starting up new uke classes in the new year. there’s another player that fits your background (new to uke, but strong background in theory & performance, seeking to learn jazz). i design my classes to meet the needs & wishes of my students at that time, so this is a good starting place to build a class. i also have some advanced students working on theory & jazz harmony, so i may be able to find a way to combine the different levels in a cohesive way. let’s be in touch soon!

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