Children At Play

Dave Devine – guitar

Dru Heller – drums

Khabu – guitars, arrangements

Child Like is a new project with Dave Devine & Khabu Young on guitars and Dru Heller on drums, and features compositions written by music students ranging in ages from 5 to 15 years. These pieces were part of the Creations Concert Series produced by the DaVinci Center for Music, a neighborhood music school serving Broomfield, Arvada and surrounding areas. The students were coached individually and in groups in writing music, primarily stemming from melody. Khabu arranged and harmonized these melodies for a jazz ensemble of professional players/educators associated with the school, along with student composers performing in the band. The debut performances had to be under two minutes amidst a long program highlighting nearly fifty young composers. Here these wonderfully fresh songs are explored in their fullest with extended improvisation and musical interplay.