Ukulele Player Series

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Khabu's Ukulele Player Series with Khabu Young
The Ukulele Player Series, a course created by Khabu Doug Young, organizes the basics of music and applies it directly to the ukulele in a fun, easy-to-follow program that gets you exploring the instrument and playing music right away. It’s a self-paced course that includes videos, worksheets, and audio tracks for singing and strumming along.

The Ukulele Player Series is organized in two parts. Part 1 starts at the very beginning, and covers the parts of the instrument, how to tune, and the basics of strumming and playing. You will learn to play simple songs, and begin to put together melodies and chords. Part 2 goes further, of course, to exploring relationships between keys and chords, and leaves the player with the knowledge to play along or compose in multiple keys.

Ukulele Players can also engage Khabu for guidance in the course, by choosing one of the enrollment options that includes private lessons. The private lessons bundled with the course are all 30 minutes in length.

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